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Grants & Fellows

Improving Patient Safety Through Education, Research, Collaboration and Training

If you have an interest in learning more or applying for any of the following grants, please contact Dianne Vass, Executive Director at the Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Foundation. dvass@empsf.org.

EMPSF $75,000 Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Research Training Grant:

  • Awarded over a 12-month period to enhance the development of an emergency medicine patient safety researcher
  • Successful applications will describe a significant, relevant, and feasible research project in the area of patient safety, as well as a mentored training program designed to provide the applicant with a foundation for becoming an emergency medicine patient safety research leader
  • Check back for application deadlines for 2014 - www.emfoundation.org
  • Additionally, EMPSF provides funds for the recipient to participate in the American Hospital Association/National Patient Safety Foundation (AHA/NPSF) Patient Safety Leadership Fellowship http://www.ahafellowships.org

EMPSF/Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) co-sponsor a $10,000 Research Grant:

Congratulations to 2011 Award Recipient:

stephens Robert J. Stephens, PhD - Human Factors Research Scientist
National Center for Human Factors Engineering in Healthcare
MedStar Health, Washington DC

Research Project: Discovering the Barriers and Facilitators to Timely Disposition of Patients from the Emergency Department

EMPSF and EMF encourages applications with a focus on health services research, including but not limited to, health policy, practice, medical liability, regionalization, patient safety, and hospital utilization. We are committed to supporting actionable research that directly impacts the care of our patients.

  • Grant applications are closed for 2011. Sign up for our e-Alerts/E-Newsletter for information on upcoming 2012 grant cycle.

Small Grants Program/Grants Range from $500-$1,000 funded year round:

Created to assist ED practitioners with their development of innovative ideas & strategies to improve quality & advance safety in the Emergency Department. The purpose of this program is to stimulate & provide funding for small projects done by clinicians or administrators seeking to:

  • Advance quality through patient safety initiatives
  • Focus quality efforts specifically on practitioners working in the Emergency Department or ancillary staff necessary to support the care of the patient in the ED
  • Describe evidence based practice which has been proven to improve emergency medicine patient safety
  • Advance improvements within direct patient care, service, quality and/or operations

Download the Small Grants Application

Criteria include:

  • Meet EMPSF's safety & quality objectives and have sufficiently narrow project scope to be completed within 9 months
  • Focus on issues of interest or concern to Emergency Medicine providers or patients
  • Ability to be developed into formal teaching materials so that strategies behind your success can be replicated
  • Description of your activity & the final report shared with your ED colleagues in appropriate venues, either on our website, new media or in our annual newsletter
  • For more information, contact Dianne Vass, Executive Director, dvass@empsf.org

EMPSF/EMF co-sponsor Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Research Fellows:

griffeyr fellow Richard T. Griffey, MD, MPH, FACEP
Washington University School of Medicine

Research Project: The impact of 'push' notification of CT study count on CT ordering in the Emergency Department


  • Survey emergency physicians' attitudes and preferences about decision support related to CT imaging
  • Identify conditions at increased risk for repeat/multiple imaging with CT
  • Use this information in designing and testing a computerized tool to help reduce CT imaging and related radiation in ED patients at increased risk of cancer related to comulative radiation exposure

This grant will provide Dr. Griffey with the dedicated time and resources that are critical for further education, mentorship and focus on research activity, essential to successful research career development.



wesley_self_vet Wesley H. Self, MD
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Research Project: A Patient Safety Initiative to Minimize Blood Culture Contamination in the ED


Rosemarie Fernandez, MD
Wayne State University School of Medicine

Research Project: To Develop and Validate Metrics to Assess Physician Performance in a Team Context, its Effects on Team Processes, and its Impact on Team Performance During Assessment and Resuscitation of Rapidly Decompensating Patients

Lisa Calder, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Ottawa Health Research Institute

Research Project: Understanding Disposition Decision Making in the Emergency Department

  • Expanded the research project based on learnings from the Patient Safety Leadership Fellowship
  • Taught 2 Academic half days to residents on "Cognitive Processes Behind Decision Making in the ED"
  • Invited to present at Grand Rounds
  • Research Abstract accepted for presentation at SAEM Annual Meeting last June 2010
  • 3 Publications in process from project research

Daniel Patterson, PhD, MPH
University of Pittsburgh

Research Project: To Study Turnover, Crew Mixing and its Impact on Patient Safety

  • Research findings are currently under consideration at a peer-reviewed journal
  • 2009-Secured funding from the NIH and University of Pittsburgh's Clinical Research Scholars Program
  • 4 Publications
  • On-track to becoming an independently funded Investigator in Patient Safety

Terry Fairbanks, MD, MS, FACEP
University of Rochester

Research Project: Using Human Factors Engineering Methodologies to Reduce Error in Medical Devices and Information Systems

  • May 2008-SAEM Young Investigator Award
  • June 2008-Kluge Trauma & Emergency Medical Services Award
  • Spring 2009-Recipient of $600,000 4-year NIH KO8 Award
  • Published > 50 Peer Reviewed Journal Articles
  • 30 National Presentations & 7 Grand Rounds
  • 2010 Recipient of EMPSF $10,000 Grant-Development of RCA Hierarchy Tool